Meet The Crew


paulPaul Mikulski
Paul isn’t just from Maryland, he’s from Baltimore; making him a good ole’ local grow entrepreneur. Paul has a plethora of boating knowledge. Since building his first boat in his Baltimore garage a few moons ago he has continued to build his boat knowledge and expertise. He’s basically a walking J Boat encyclopedia which comes in handy with a fleet full of J Boats.




IMG_3028Kevin Ryman
Kevin has been with the club since 1995. With 20+ years of sail making and boat fixing experience he keeps this 41 boat fleet fully operational year around.






IMG_3027Alex Berg
Annapolis Fleet Manager
Alex is an Annapolis Native who grew up sailing around the tropics with his family. lucky. Between his sailing childhood and being a live-a-board, he’s a valuable asset to the CBC team. His wide range of skills enables him to work on anything from broken motors to busted toe rails...





IMG_3097Koralina Pior
Office Manager
Koralina hails from the greatest Southern State of Texas and has an adorable dog named Max. With over 8,000 ocean miles under her belt and countless hours coaching sailing her sailing skills surpass her boat fixing skills. But don’t be fooled she still brings plenty to the table.