Albin 28

The Albin 28 Tournament Express, a Downeast’ style boat that makes a great family cruiser, looks like the sort of craft that’s meant to be under way at dawn’s first light. Besides its handsome looks, the Albin 28 is versatile enough to appeal to weekend cruisers, fishermen, family day-boaters and more. It’s a classic design that’s perfect for cruising the Chesapeake Bay – and available to our club members now.

Albin’s design philosophy shows clearly in the Albin 28. Its skeg keel led Power Boat Reports to call the 28TE “the finest tracking boat of any size tested to date.” The 28TE sports standard Diesel power and a bow thruster that make for superior economical operation while sacrificing nothing to a twin-engine design in terms of maneuverability. Combined with her comfortable ride, and legendary seakeeping the Albin the perfect platform for the active boating family.

The Chesapeake Boat Club maintains three (3) Albin 28’s that are ready for you and the crew to step onboard for cruising, fishing, or picknicking on the Chesapeake.