Twin Vee 19′ Power Cat

For it’s 19′ size, the Twin Vee power cat offers an incredibly smooth ride using modest power and minimal fuel.

The advantages of the power catamaran results from the reduced resistance of the narrower twin hulls, and a cushion of air compressed within the tunnel that adds to lift for quick acceleration while softening the ride.  All of that make the Twin Vee a family-friendly boat for a great time on the bay.  Club members often take the Twin Vee into downtown Annapolis for lunch or cruise the Severn river.  With the inherent stability – even a busy seaway is comfortable on the Twin Vee.

In addition, the Twin Vee is more stable than monohulls, both at rest and underway. The slender v-bottom hulls minimize pounding. Tracking is straight and true at any speed without roll, yaw, or lean, even when running before seas or with the wind abeam. Yet turns are tight, secure, and nearly flat even at speed.

Because beam is carried virtually to the bow, the self-bailing cockpit is huge, flat, and uncluttered. A step-over transom leads to a dive-swim step just above water-level. The result is a spacious sportfisher, a super-stable swimming platform, or efficient user-friendly runabout.