Want to get away for a fun-filled weekend cruise on the Chesapeake Bay?  The Club’s fleet of J/105 sailboats are ready and waiting for you. A fun and forgiving performance boat that is easy to sail, the J/105 offers low maintenance with a simple layout, has great performance, a large cockpit and predictable handling characteristics. It makes no pretenses of being a distance cruiser. The Club takes care of all the maintenance, so instead of varnishing toe-rails and troubleshooting systems you’ll be enjoying a sail with friends.

With the convenience of the Club, our J/105’s are your ideal sailboat for weekend cruising or daysailing. Count up the number of  picnic sails when you would have liked a larger, more comfortable cockpit; the J/105 is the answer. Her large cockpit combined with simple 4 berth week-ending layout results in two significant benefits: (1) A simplified interior that’s perfect for weekend cruising, and (2) A boat that’s easier to handle, more comfortable in waves and more fun to sail for its size. The J/105 has the stability, rig and sail controls to handle 15-20 knot winds without the need of reefing. It has the strength and seaworthiness for safe, fun cruise on the Chesapeake.
Considering how you will actually use your boat, no other choice of sailboat today makes as much practical sense to go weekend cruising on as the J/105. It is simply the best sailing value available and as an added bonus the Club offers instant access to a whole new network of sailing friends and events right here on the Chesapeake Bay.

J/105 is way ahead of the pack when compared with any of the modern ‘retro’ daysailors in terms of performance, ease of handling, construction, sailing comfort and great looks. Plus it offers offshore capability and weekend accommodations for the occasional overnight. The bowsprit and asymmetric spinnaker system make downwind sailing simple for two people. No need to organize (or feed) a football team of crew to get out there and have fun.

Moon Cruise 049

LOA: 34.5
LWL: 29.5
Beam: 11
Draft: 5.5
Lead Ballast: 3400
Displacement: 7750
100% Sail Area: 643
ISP: 42.1
J: 13.5
P: 41.5
E: 14.6
SPL or Sprit: 5.5
Engine: 18hp Yanmar