Team Building

Team Building


Through J World, named the top sailing school in the country by Practical Sailor magazine, we offer team building training and outings using the growing sport of team sailing.  Its team development with wind at your back and spray on your face.  An unforgettable experience for your team!

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Cooperation
  • Group Participation
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Immediate Feedback

Get out of the conference room and onto the water!

We have, through years of experience and hundreds of team building events, created three “off the shelf” programs that represent what we most commonly receive as team building requests. Keep in mind we can customize or invent any program to suit your teams particular needs. All programs include a heavy dose of fun, camaraderie, and group development. All programs are available in both full day and half day options.


If you are looking for the premiere sailing related team building event, this is it! The goal of this program is not to teach participants how to sail, but rather to use the challenging sport of sailing to encourage your team to work together in a new environment. Benefits of this program include increased esprit de corps, better communication, and more effective leadership among your team.  Sailworks is a multi-boat team exercise with groups of four participants and a coach on each boat focusing their energies on a specific group challenge. While the challenge is not a “race”, getting through the course will require collaboration of all participants to navigate the course, wind and currents..all under the direction of a trained, professional coach. Communication will be critical as an overall strategy must be implemented by multiple strategists operating from remote locations (different boats).

Harbor Cruise/Fun Sail

The primary focus of the Harbor Cruise is a fun day on the water in scenic Annapolis. This is not a boat ride. Your group will how to work together to maneuver their sailboats. Then put their skills to the test navigating the crowded Annapolis harbor.

J World Regatta

Participants will get the chance to compete against their fellow team members in a sailboat race! After an on the water coaching session, where the teams will focus on getting the sailboat around the course we will hold a regatta for the participating teams. Particular good program for highly competitive sales teams, develops small team synergy and dynamic communication skills while maintaining a competitive spirit.


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