Please do not dock club boats at the Severn Inn, due to unprotected docks.

Please Take Notice!!

The official Spring boating season starts on April 1.
Level II Sail and Power boats are still winterized!
Please contact the office before making a reservation to go boating prior to April 1!

*Your safety and wellbeing are at risk in certain winter Environmental conditions Ultimately you are responsible for yourself, crew, and guests. Winter Boating is inherently dangerous and can easily turn fatal. Make sure you check weather and sea Conditions prior to departure, during and return to the dock. The following rules apply. We reserve the right to alter the below conditions as we deem necessary for safety of members and employees.


    • Solo sailing is prohibited.
    • J-80’s are restricted in winds over 20 mph.
    • Limited Boats may be available weather permitting.
    • Boats will be restricted to the dock if there is ANY ice present on the dock or on Back Creek.
    •  For YOUR safety, boats WILL NOT be released if wind chill factor is below 35 F.
    •  Air and water temperature combined must be above 35 degrees.
    •  Winter Boating Hours: 10:00 am-4:00 pm. Reservations must be confirmed prior to reservation.
    •  You MUST file a float plan and stay close to home. There are no boats/staff available to help you on the water or at the dock.
    • There is a RE-Winterization fee of $100.00 for use of J-105’s.  This is due to labor and material cost to do the Re-Winterization.
    • Any damage is the members responsibility.

Please call to confirm reservations. Thank you!

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